Michigan Cross Country Ski Trails

Best Cross Country Ski Trails in Michigan’s Lower Penninsula

Michigan is ideal for cross country skiing, due to its rolling terrain and ample snowfall. Check out some of our favorite cross country ski trails in the central Northern Michigan area, all within an hour’s drive from XC Ski HQ:

  1. Cross Country Ski Headquarters Trail Map
  2. Marl Lake Trail Map
  3. North Higgins Lake State Park Trail Map
  4. West Higgins Lake Trail Map
  5. Mason Tract Trail Map
  6. Tisdale Triangle Trail Map
  7. Lost Twin Lakes Trail Map
  8. Hanson Hills Trail Map
  9. Forbush Corner Trail Map
  10. Loud Creek Trail Map
  11. Wakely Lake Trail Map
  12. Hartwick Pines Trail Map
  13. Ogemaw Hills Trail Map
  14. Corsair Trail Map
  15. Highbanks Trail Map
  16. Shingle Mill Pathway Map
Best cross country ski trails in Michigan
Excellent, challenging back country skiing can be found on the Shingle Mill Pathway in the Pigeon River Country in Vanderbilt.